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advanced open diver

Kurz:   Advandced Open Water Diver

The AOWD course follows the basic OWD diving course. In this course, we will teach you advanced underwater navigation and orientation techniques and introduce you to the procedures and safety rules for dives to depths greater than 18 m. 


In addition to the NAVIGATION and DEPTH dives, which form a mandatory part of the AOWD course, you will choose the next 3 dives yourself according to what interests you and what the environment in which the course takes place allows. Optional dives can include: night diving, balancing training, dry suit diving, higher altitude, wreck diving, nitrox diving and many more ...


Who can participate:

  • minimum age 12 years (12-14 years Junior Advanced)

  • qualification  PADI OWD  or equivalent from another training system

  • good health

  • desire for adventure and fun

How it works 

  • Theory: Self-study from the textbook PADI AOWD manual + elaboration of tests at the end of chapters. Subsequently, summaries and briefings of the instructor.

  • Practice: 5 dives in open water.

  • Duration: 2 to 3 days.


With AOWD you get:

  • learn other skills

  • you can dive to a depth of 30m

  • you will gain more independence both underwater and in its surroundings

  • you better understand the underwater world

  • you will dive a lot where only experienced divers can dive

The price of the course includes

  • complete theoretical and practical teaching

  • providing complete diving equipment for the needs of the course

  • filling of bottles (only for courses conducted in the Czech Republic)

  • textbook PADI Advanced Open Water Diver in Czech

  • certification fee PADI 


7,900 CZK

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