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Courses: Divemaster

Divemaster is the first professional level in the PADI teaching system. As a Divemaster, you become a member of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. With this qualification, you can apply for a job in any diving center in the world. The main role of the Divemaster is to accompany qualified divers and assist the instructor during diving courses. Divemaster is trained in the use of good judgment and is therefore able to control and supervise diving activities.

How it works 

Practical skills: Development of a rescue plan
Elaboration of a map of a diving site. Swimming skills
Demonstration of basic skills from the OWD course in a demonstration version. Assistance with courses in the pool and on the open water
Crisis management. Leading a program that a DM can lead
Improving rescue skills. Workshop - site preparation for diving. Briefing management
Workshop for searching and retrieving items
Deep dive workshop from the AOWD course

Development of theoretical knowledge: The role and characteristics of PADI Divemaster: Supervision of qualified divers. Helping students during training


Introduction to diving theory
Physics. Physiology. Gear. Decompression theory and tables
Divemaster-led programs. Risk management. Diving shop

What you get with Padi Divemaster

  • Accompany the students of the Open water diver course in the fun part of the dive 2, 3, 4, during the navigation exercises, on the way to the surface to and from the dive site, supervise the students and ensure the logistics of the course

  • Lead the program Discover local Diving, Discover Snorcheling, Scuba Review for qualified divers.

  • Accompany divers during the Advanced open water diver and Rescue diver courses.

  • Accompany qualified divers, etc.

The price of the course includes

  • complete theoretical and practical teaching

  • providing complete diving equipment for the needs of the course

  • complete Padi Divemaster materials

  • issuing a license


24,900 CZK

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