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rescue diver

Short: Rescue Diver

The RESCUE DIVER course is an important step that will allow you to develop your knowledge and skills beyond normal recreational levels, as you will learn how to prevent diving problems and how to help yourself and other divers.

Who can attend the course

  • PADI Adventure Diver qualification incl. navigation dive (or equivalent qualification from another organization)

  • minimum age 12 years

  • successful completion of a first aid course (including CPR ) within the last 24 months;


What will you learn 

  • self-rescue and diving stress management 

  • first aid for diving accidents

  • help both in water and from the surface

  • help divers in panic

  • solving problems that occur underwater

  • procedures for finding a lost diver

  • emerging with an unconscious diver

  • provide artificial respiration on the surface

  • ways of possible exits from the water

  • first aid procedures for pressure injuries

  • how to deal with a complete rescue operation

The price of the course includes

  • complete theoretical and practical teaching

  • providing complete diving equipment for the needs of the chicken

  • textbook PADI Rescue Diver in Czech

  • certification fee PADI 


9,500 CZK

How it works 

  • Theory: Self-study from the textbook PADI Rescue Diver manual + elaboration of tests at the end of chapters. Lecture and supplementation of information from the instructor, answering questions.

  • Practice: In the practical part he will train the already mentioned practices of self-rescue, methods of pulling a non-responding diver, picking up a non-responding diver, help the diver in panic and a lot of other skills.


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