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Course: deep diving

The specialized deep diving course in the sports and recreational concept is focused on advanced recreational divers who are interested in the specifics, techniques and diving equipment needed for safe diving at depths between 30 m and 40 m.

Who can attend the course

  • minimum age 15 years

  • qualification  PADI AOWD  or equivalent from another training system

  • good health

How it goes

  • Theory: Instructor lectures covering planning, organizing, procedures, techniques, problems and risks of deep diving.

  • Practice: 4 dives in open water, where you train safety stops and emergency decompression procedures, use of special  equipment, descent ropes and buoyancy control

  • Course length: 2 days

Course price:   5.500 CZK

The price of the course includes

  • complete theoretical and practical teaching

  • providing complete diving equipment for the needs of the course

  • textbook Deep Diver

  • PADI certification fee

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