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special - NITROX


Who can attend the course

  • minimum age 15 years

  • qualification  PADI OWD  or equivalent from another training system

  • good health

Nitrox Kurz

This course will teach you to use enriched air from 22% to 40% oxygen in recreational non-decompression diving.

Nitrox diving significantly prolongs no-decompression limits compared to air, which can, for example, extend the exploration time of an interesting wreck. Diving with Nitrox also reduces post-dive fatigue, which you will especially appreciate during several days of diving, for example on a diving safari.

How it goes

  • Theory: Self-study from the textbook PADI EANx manual + elaboration of tests at the end of chapters. Followed by an instructor presentation + a short written test.

  • Practice: Measuring the oxygen content of a bottle. Dives are not required.

  • Course length: 1 day

The price of the course includes


  • complete theoretical and practical teaching

  • textbook PADI EANx manual

  • PADI certification fee

Course price: CZK 3,500

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