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Test dives

The test dive is a one-time lesson lasting 2 hours, in which a qualified Ready4diving instructor will acquaint you with the diving device, its components, assembly and you will practically experience what it is like to swim and breathe underwater with the diving device. The lesson is intended especially for those of you who are deciding whether to sign up for a basic diving course  OWD , but would like to try everything first. We organize test dives in Prague and Pilsen.

How it goes

An experienced Ready4diving instructor will give you the basic training and all the information you need to dive in the pool. He is with you all the time underwater, he will instruct you how to breathe properly, move and especially how to enjoy time underwater.

Who can participate

  • Minimum age 10 years

  • Good physical and health condition

  • The desire to gain new experiences and experience adventures



The price of the trial dive is CZK 1,500 , the price includes all equipment and entry to the pool.

So it's up to you to bring only a towel and a swimsuit.

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